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Mistbox Kickstarter campaign exceeds goal by nearly 200K

Houston-based device startup exceeds pledge goal with several weeks left in campaign   THE MILESTONE In just a few weeks after its launch, Mistbox’s recent Kickstarter campaign hit and exceeded its fundraising goal -- more than 15 times over! THE STORY Originally...

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LevelUp Camp launches AR/VR summer camps for kids

This summer, LevelUp Camp founders Joowon Kim and Jesus Hernandez successfully launched the pre-pilot of their augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) program for kids. Held at Station Houston, students learned how to make their own website, mobile app and AR/VR environments.

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Member Milestone: Liongard Releases Private Beta of Roar

Roar: Bringing cybersecurity expertise to the masses   The Milestone Liongard, a Station Houston member company, launched the private beta release of their first product offering, Roar. The Story Station Houston Members Joe Alapat and Vincent Tran have a longer...

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