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How to Start Ideating | Grace Rodriguez (Co-founder & CXO, Station Houston)

November 7, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


“When inspiration doesn’t come, I go halfway to meet it.” ~ Sigmund Freud

Brainstorming, imagineering, thinking outside the box, disrupting … whatever you want to call the process of developing new and novel business approaches, most can agree that it is essential to innovation. You cannot will a new idea. But you can train your imagination, like a muscle with regular exercise, to look at concepts from different contexts and seek unifying threads, identify unique patterns, weave new ones, or shred and bind them together into new ideas and insights.

As companies evolve their business strategies to become more social and collaborative, the role of ideation is more important than ever. From targeted campaigns to broader initiatives, companies must commit time to effective ideation in order to avoid the common pitfalls of poorly executed efforts:

  • Very few — if any — breakthrough ideas
  • Off-target or lackluster solutions to assumed problems
  • Lack of connection with customers and target audiences
  • Loss of time and money on ineffective deliverables

Join Grace Rodriguez, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Station Houston, in an interactive design-thinking session that will walk you through a variety of ways to clarify your vision, position your company, frame your challenges, develop new and novel ideas for products and/or campaigns, and refine them for further improvement. Come prepared with your positioning statement to get the most out of this hands-on workshop.


  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to define and refine their “Big Idea”
  • Startup founders iterating on their current products and/or offering
  • Startups looking to refine and improve their branding efforts


  • How to engage customers and leverage their feedback
  • How to mine and mash up trends for new ideas
  • How to use your whole brain to help your business!


Grace has forged a unique career path from neuroscience and design to branding and marketing, from government and politics to social entrepreneurship, and from venture capital to startup acceleration and community development. That path has given her strategic and hands-on expertise in design thinking, behavioral systems and business operations, which she uses to create interactive experiences and novel opportunities for organizations that foster innovation, collaboration and economic development.

Grace catalyzes social innovation and impact as Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of Station Houston, Advisor at TMCx (Texas Medical Center Accelerator), and lead organizer of the Women In Tech:Houston initiative. She has helped spread ideas and shape experiences as Creative Director for TED’s TEDActive conference, and as co-creator/-producer of C2 Create, CoHouston, TEDxHouston and TEDxYouth@Houston. Passionate about giving back, Grace serves diverse nonprofit organizations and cultural initiatives in the Houston area, including Writers In The Schools (WITS) and Netsquared Houston.

This is part of Station’s “How to Start” Series, held the First through Fourth Tuesday of every month:

  • Part 1: How to Start a Startup
  • Part 2: How to Start Ideating
  • Part 3: How to Start Building
  • Part 4: How to Start Selling

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