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One year ago, a simple idea was conceived by a group of passionate entrepreneurs. The idea: to create an innovative, start-up ecosystem in Houston; the name: Station Houston. Through the journey of a million coffees, Station was launched. Starting at the Surge Shack with less than a handful of people, a year later, Station has more than doubled in staff, work space, members, and partners.

March 1st, 2017, Station Houston celebrated its One-Year Anniversary at their new location in the center of Downtown. There was much excitement in the air with over 130 guests in attendance, mingling and  connecting among various Station members showcasing their companies. Station had a booth of its own to showcase their Station Swag (you know you’ve made it when you’ve got your own merchandise). To commemorate this event and acknowledge Station’s growth, each member of the Station team went up and spoke about their Station story.

Thank you to our partners, members and mentors for joining us on this incredible journey! We look forward to growing with you in our quest to transform Houston into THE HUB for innovation and tech startups!

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