Success at Station Story 2

Business That’s Math LLC is founded by entrepreneurs and educators, Beverly Jurenko and Bon Crowder. The two, as well as many others understood that there was a lack of basic proficiency in math among schools within the United States. “60% of 4th graders fail to reach...

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Open Pitch Practice

One of the things that a majority of us can probably agree on is that public speaking is terrifying. You have to get in front of a group, and talk while they stare at you and possibly even judge you, not exactly an experience welcomed often. If you're...

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Success at Station Story 1

"My whole life was spent with my father’s job, touring the world. I grew up overseas. For my 12th birthday, it was my fourth complete circumnavigation of planet Earth, so I’ve been a relentless vagabond adventurer my whole life. Along the way I’ve started the game of...

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