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One of the things that a majority of us can probably agree on is that public speaking is terrifying. You have to get in front of a group, and talk while they stare at you and possibly even judge you, not exactly an experience welcomed often. If you’re neither¬†comfortable with nor very good at public speaking, then you won’t enjoy it and would probably avoid it if you can. However, public speaking doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and you shouldn’t avoid it. You might need to at some point, and it would be good to get some practice. It’s no easy feat, but with some practice and guidance, and a little bit of courage, your fears of public speaking will be a thing of the past!

Station Houston provides the opportunity to get that public speaking practice with no consequences and loads of feedback. Once a month, Station holds the Open Pitch Practice event in Station Labs, in which guests are encouraged to come up and pitch their company. Each presentation is followed by a session for feedback from other guests and the Station Team. Feedback can range from the pitch itself and going over VESPA (Volume, Emotion & Eye-contact, Speed, Pitch, Articulation), to the content so that the guests can revise and improve the way they present their businesses.

Utilizing the resources and attending the events put on at Station can only benefit you. Members are highly encouraged to attend events and provide feedback so that we would be able to provide a better Station experience.

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