“My whole life was spent with my father’s job, touring the world. I grew up overseas. For my 12th birthday, it was my fourth complete circumnavigation of planet Earth, so I’ve been a relentless vagabond adventurer my whole life. Along the way I’ve started the game of entrepreneurship in college, raising capital, and doing startups. In the early 90s, I’ve started getting into my own startups, and I’ve gotten pretty good over the years at raising capital for different ideas and different startups. I thought I’d merge the two great passions of my life, adventures and entrepreneurship. Our passion and mission is to help more people get out and live life and do great adventures all over the planet. We’ve got twelve people associated with the company. We’ve signed on 2x astronaut Ron Garan as Member of the Board. We’ve also signed world class mountaineer and leadership speaker Mike O’Donnell to Chair our Adventure Expert Advisory Board.


“Station is an exceptional opportunity and set up for us, because I think almost every piece of the puzzle of people I’ve found have come through Station. I’ve found introductions to investors, my CMO, my CFO, programmers, developers, and digital marketing people, all through Station. I’ve been here about a year now, and I truly think it’s the best thing I could have done for my company, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. I appreciate all the help and support from Station, it’s truly built, started, and run by entrepreneurs. They practice what they preach.

“Because of my experience with Station, I’m very adamant, weekly, almost daily sometimes, of encouraging people to pursue a dream, because why not? There might be someone in there [Station], and to have resources around you. Station helps people to sort things out and realize that they’re not alone. I’m a strong believer in what entrepreneurship really means, in terms of individual reliance, chasing a dream, taking risks, and working long and hard. There are a lot of landmines, and ups and downs. But I think that’s what makes life worth living, having a dream and being able to pursue it in terms of what we want to do with ourselves in this world.” – Chris Shiver | Adventure Headquarters

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