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That’s Math LLC is founded by entrepreneurs and educators, Beverly Jurenko and Bon Crowder. The two, as well as many others understood that there was a lack of basic proficiency in math among schools within the United States.

60% of 4th graders fail to reach basic proficiency and the older you get the worse it gets. If you are from lower socio-economic levels, on average you’ll score 42 points lower on standardized math tests than your more affluent peers.” – Beverly Jurenko | That’s Math LLC

That’s Math LLC seeks to improve math learning via parent involvement or “Family Math Engagement Program,” using social modeling to leverage the power of parents.

They send daily, short and easy to read text messages about math to make parents gradually relieve their math anxiety. Parents then read or share the messages with their kids. These text messages are aligned with math curriculum to deliver a daily, authentic, and cost-effective numeracy experience that builds on the work of schools.

Station Resource

“Station Members and Mentors worked with us to define our problem statement, and coached us on our pitch. This was valuable input that helped us prepare for the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition.” – Beverly Jurenko | That’s Math LLC

Success Story

By connecting with Members and Mentors at Station, That’s Math LLC was able to prepare for Harvard Business School New Venture Competition and was selected as a regional finalist. They were also able to broaden their network geographically and functionally, presenting for a Texas-wide group, winning two bids in their first year to serve two major school districts – Houston ISD and Pasadena ISD.

Find Your Success with Station!

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