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Join Us for TH!S

The Houston Innovation Summit










Building on the success of Houston’s inaugural Startup Week in 2016, we’re taking the idea of a week-long event for Houston startups to the next level:

This Fall 2017, we’re launching The Houston Innovation Summit (TH!S)

TH!S will bring Houston’s creative, tech and business ecosystems together for one full week of high-impact, community-driven programs, performances and events.
From October 21-29 we’ll explore Houston’s diverse creative community and celebrate it’s brightest ideas and innovators. We invite YOU to be a vibrant part of it!

If you would like to host or facilitate an event that would enlighten, inspire, and bring real value to your peers and community, please submit the idea, below. Feel free to push boundaries and be as creative as possible: Events can take the form of interactive experiences, immersive workshops, high-powered round table discussions, alternative happy hours, meetups, showcases, demo days, pitch sessions, performances, and beyond.

Many of the week’s events will be held at Station Houston, Texas Medical Center Accelerator (TMCx), and the Greater Houston Partnership. If you would like to offer your space as a venue, please contact us. It’s a great opportunity to introduce new people to your community!

If you have any questions, or to learn how you can have a greater impact as a Sponsor/Partner, please indicate that below and we’ll respond promptly.